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Talking tree park

Talking tree park

The park

A visit to the Talking Tree Park is an educational and engaging experience, discovering cinema, cartoons, inventions, science and nature.

The Talking Tree Park is composed of different areas within the public park of Villa Margherita:

  •  the Cedraia is the location of the multimedia exhibit “A Journey with the Pet Pals from Pre-cinema to Cartoons”, of the scientific exhibit “Discovering the Four Elements “, as well as the ticket office, café and bookshop;
  •  the outdoor exhibits “Dragons, Dinosaurs and Extinct Species” and “Leonardo’s machines”;
  •  a large parking area (via Ghirlanda) two minutes’ walking distance from the Cedraia building.


A Journey with the Pet Pals from Pre-cinema to Cartoons

An adventure uncovering the secrets of cartoons, starting from pre-cinema (activate historic pre-cinema machines, create optical games, play with Chinese Shadows) and leading right into an actual cartoon with the help of Blueback technology. In the Slash:// room all your detective skills will be needed to solve an intriguing mystery. In the Pet Pals and Ciak rooms you can screen episodes of “Pet Pals”, “Leonardo”, “And Yet it Moves”, “Slash://” and the Ciak Junior short films.

Discovering the Four Elements

Become a scientist! Embark upon an exciting voyage of discovery to learn more about the wonders of water, air, fire and earth: through experiments and observation. Discover why aeroplanes fly, how lightening is formed, what a black hole is, how sound travels and much more!


Dragons, Dinosaurs and Extinct Species 

Do you want to become real palaeontologists and explorers? On this tour we will meet the Dimetrodon and the Utahraptor, a super-fast flying dinosaur, the sabre-tooth cat and the Plesiosaur, finding out all about the geological eras, evolution and why these species became extinct.

Leonardo’s machines

 A voyage of discovery uncovering the secrets hidden in the young Leonardo’s tree house! You will embark upon an adventure with the genius who, with his characteristic wit, will guide you, using huge machines, drawings, creations and fascinating games, on an exploration of creativity. The adventure will come to an end in the incredible tree house, the young genius’ base and a magical place to discover! Observation games and logic and intelligence challenges will put young inventors to the test.


The park is always open and freely accessible.

The activities take place on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. The opening times are seasonal and are updated every month.


5€ adult

7 € child