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Cuccioli - Il paese del vento

The Pet Pals world

10 years after the first broadcast on Rai 2 of the animated series “Pet Pals”, Gruppo Alcuni has developed a complete “world” linked to the loveable and engaging characters created by Sergio Manfio and Francesco Manfio, who is also the executive producer of the TV series.

  • 156 episodes of 13 minutes each for TV (6 TV series produced by Gruppo Alcuni/RAI Fiction/DQ);
  • 32 episodes of 3 minutes each for TV of the series “H2Ooooh!”, on the safeguarding of global water resources, of which the Pet Pals are the world figureheads for UNESCO;
  • Over 50 countries worldwide broadcast the adventures of the “Pet Pals”;
  • 7.634 broadcasting hours around the world (Top ratings in 27 countries);
  • 955 broadcasting hours on RAI 2;
  • In Italy alone thousands of Pet Pals branded goods;
  • Over 50 DVD editions around the world;
  • 16 books, i-phone, i-pad, android applications, interactive books, etc.;
  • The first film “Pet Pals – Marco Polo’s Code”, was an extraordinary success (“top ten” in Italy – and third place among Italian films – in the first week from release; 6 weeks in the Spanish “top ten”– first place among European films).