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Gruppo Alcuni,
founded by Sergio Manfio, Francesco Manfio and Laura Fintina in 1973, is one of the leading European companies in the creation and production of cartoons for children.  
With an animation production studio, a branch which produces TV series, another which handles theatrical organisation, with its continued publishing and musical activity and creation of apps, Gruppo Alcuni is among the largest youth multimedia structures in Europe.

To date the animated series and feature films produced by Gruppo Alcuni have been sold in 65 countries around the world (USA, Canada, Latin America, Europe, India, China, Middle East, Japan, etc.).
The most recent productions include: the series “Pet Pals” (156x13’), “Leonardo” (52x13’), “And Yet it Moves” (52x10’), “Slash://” (26x20’), and the feature films “Pet Pals in Windland” (2014) and “Pet Pals – Marco Polo’s Code” (2010). From the important collaboration with UNESCO, the following projects were born: “Cartoons for Peace” and “H2Ooooh!” (32x2’), on the conservation of the global water heritage.
Production is currently underway on the series “Mini Pet Pals” and “Leonardo – Expo“, as well as the feature “Leonardo – The Film”.

Sergio and Francesco Manfio are the creators of “Ciak Junior”, a format born in 1990 and already exported to 29 countries around the world, with over 500 short films produced to date. The project – which is concluded each year in Italy with an International Festival – involves thousands of students aged between 10 and 15, called upon to write a story for a short film, of which they then become the main protagonists.

In 2005 the Italian Ministry of Culture and Heritage awarded the theatrical company  “Gli Alcuni” the status of TEATRO STABILE DI INNOVAZIONE PER L’INFANZIA E LA GIOVENTU’, an important cultural recognition, confirming its fundamental role in the national, regional and local theatrical field.  
As well as multimedia projects Gruppo Alcuni also manages a vast theatrical activity, with 4 theatrical companies touring the most important theatres and main squares in Italy. As well as managing the scheduling of its own theatre Teatro Sant’Anna, Gli Alcuni – Teatro Stabile di Innovazione handles the artistic direction of 4 other theatres in the Veneto region.  
In 2008 Gruppo Alcuni opened in Treviso the Talking Tree Park, the first Italian interactive theme park dedicated to audiovisual communication for children.