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New Distribution Deals for Pet Pals in Windland


Gruppo Alcuni’s latest feature length animated film “Pet Pals in Windland” continues to go from strength to strength with whole host of new international distribution deals. The Pet Pals’ new adventure has been picked by Phase 4 Films for USA and Canada, for Japan by IPA and for Korea by Yejilim Entertainment. Gruppo Alcuni are delighted to be working once more with two longstanding partners for the distribution of the new movie; Voxell for Russia and CIS and Ro-In Entertainment for the Middle East.

The Pet Pals are back in a new exciting adventure which sees them up against their arch-nemesis Crow Witch.  The Pet Pals live in Puff, better known as Windland: a small town where everything, absolutely everything, works thanks to the power of the wind. The evil Crow Witch is determined to get hold of the “Spinwheel” which generates the wind, and in doing so take control of the town.

Will Crow Witch’s diabolical machines be enough to defeat the Pet Pals?

A family film filled with action and with numerous moments in which the audience is invited to take an active role, with fantastic characters and hilarious gags, to highlight the importance of renewable energy sources using humour and adventure.

80 minutes of excitement seasoned with 80 minutes of laughter!