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Audiovisual Prize


The “Audiovisual Programme for Children’s Education” Prize was established in 2002 by a group of experts and television stations that were part of the “CIAK JUNIOR” project.

The aims of the “Audiovisual Programme for Children’s Education” Prize, which is awarded each year during the “CIAK JUNIOR” Festival, are:
    • To promote existing examples of “good television” for minors;
    • To promote and provide an opportunity for television producers to meet and discuss important issues.

The meaning of “education” in this context, goes beyond the simply instructive-didactic sense. 
As you can see in the following definition below, the term “education” aims at  embracing the general development of a child's personality.

The Prize is awarded to the television programme that best meets the following definition:
An audiovisual programme for children’s education helps children to orient themselves with awareness and a strong critical sense in the complex world in which they live, and to acquire, elaborate, organise and use appropriate models in interpreting reality. It is a programme inspired by the universal values of justice, equality, solidarity and co-operation, which safeguards our memory of the past, and which promotes the development of observational, conceptual, creative, productive and evaluative abilities, individual and social growth, and a comprehension of inter-cultural synergies. Furthermore, it is a programme that stands out for its proper approach to the child’s world and, combining form, meaning and function in a balanced manner, uses a language appropriate to the child’s abilities and potential. It is a programme that, in a very clear, direct manner, involves, talks to and call upon those who watch it.


Television stations may compete with a maximum of 3 programmes (1 for each target - see entry form) that have been produced in the last 3 years.
The maximum length of each programme presented is 30 minutes.
The programmes must be original and may be from any genre.
The enclosed application form must be filled out and returned NO LATER THAN APRIL 1ST 2016, together with the material (betas, synopses, photos) needed to compete for the Prize.

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